ZapShares protects P2P users against lawsuits and identity theft while providing advertisers with a unique advertising opportunity. For more information on the ZapShares Media Network, click the Advertise button.
Unique Advertising Opportunity
ZapShares is the only software available that protects 200 million P2P file sharing users from lawsuits and identity theft, and now you have the opportunity to target these P2P users with your advertising message.

As with other free software such as MSN Messenger™ and AIM™, ZapShares is free due to advertising that appears in the ZapShares alert box, which is displayed when the ZapShares Secure Vault stops a file from being shared with other P2P users. ZapShares has been certified spyware free and will not bombard users with pop-up type ads.

Exclusive Advertising Placement
Unlike many other forms of Internet advertising, with the ZapShares Media Network your ads receive exclusive placement in the ZapShares alert box, ensuring that ZapShares users are not bombarded with multiple advertising messages at once, and providing you with a higher click-through rate.

• 40% of P2P users are between the ages of 13-21

• 49% of P2P users are between the ages of 21-35

• 44% of P2P users are students

• 16% of P2P users are employed in the I.T. field

• 98% of P2P users have high-speed Internet connections

• P2P users are highly tech savvy

• Over 200 million P2P users worldwide

• P2P users download over 1.5 billion files every month

• 44% of all Internet traffic is P2P related

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